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Audio Downloads of Sherwin Wine Lectures

Many Sherwin Wine lectures are available for FREE download and listening. Click on the following pages for links to the downloads.   Bill and Hillary: Love, Hate and Opportunism (1999) Capital Punishment: Execution in the Era of Timothy McVeigh (1997) Cartoons of Mohammed: Freedom in Islam (2006) The God Delusion: Richard Dawkins and Militant Atheism (2006) […]

Parents and Children: Communicating Without Guilt and Frustration

Recorded in November 1997 by the Center for New Thinking. Our most difficult audience is our own family. We have a strong emotional investment in their approval and success. Talking to parents is sometimes forbidding because they intimidate us with their disapproval. Talking to children is sometimes frustrating because they do not always give us […]

The Muslim Split: War and Toleration

Recorded April 2007 by the Center for New Thinking. The early split in the Muslim world between Sunnis and Shiites led to many centuries of war and confrontation. The majority Sunnis dominated in most centuries. But the rise of the Shiite Fatimids in North Africa and Egypt led to the emergence of a powerful Shiite […]

The Many Faces of Love

Recorded by the Center for New Thinking. Love is a universal value that comes in many forms.  There is romantic love, parental love, friendship love, patriotic love and even nature love.  All have found their celebrants in literature in poetry, literature and drama. Click HERE to download and listen to this audio lecture.